AWOKEN TOO SOON - Book Cover Sample

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AWOKEN TOO SOON Book Cover Sample by Zachary D. Coe - (Scroll down for process video)
Zachary d coe awokentoosooncloseups byzacharydcoe
AWOKEN TOO SOON, Close Ups by Zachary D. Coe

I had this idea for a massive dragon about to chomp down on some poor unsuspecting knight and their friends. Then my wife suggested something with a girl and a wolf, squirrel or bunny instead, and I absolutely loved the idea. Along the way I gave the girl a slingshot to fight back with - because when you're up against something this huge, you use whatever weapons you've got, plus it always helps to have an acorn throwing squirrel buddy! :D

Painting was created using Adobe Photoshop and @procreateapp.