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THE LENS OF VENUE - Card Illustration

Did this illustration for Jesse Schell's "The Art of Game Design: A Deck of Lenses, Second Edition".

This “Lens of Venue” card needed to represent several different places, or "venues", with the illustration able to communicate that global feel while creatively giving the reader a visual reminder when designing a game. This would be used as inspiration to help remind the game designer to keep their audience(s) in mind and think about who they're designing for. The glass pins were especially challenging to paint, as rounded glass and lighting can get tricky. Also the old world details, along with creating the paper and splatters helped give a unique feel to the card and were super fun to create! :)

Zachary d coe lensofvenue2 byzacharydcoe

THE LENS OF VENUE - Card Illustration Final by Zachary D. Coe