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Building a 2.5D Level in Unity that looks and feels 3D in 5 days

So this idea of creating “3D” illusion art, while still being in 2D, originally came to me after working a while ago on a small 3 person team project, and seeing the challenges that came with a team of that size.

I’d been wanting to experiment with creating a mostly 2D environment in the style of games like Bastion and Bravely Default for a while now - the visual style of each one struck me as being both beautiful and yet deceptively simple in their construction, and I took much of my visual inspiration for this project from them.

So that I didn't have to draw everything in a distorted way, I set the camera in Unity at a slight angle so the player can see the horizontal platforms they're traversing, but kept the vertical rotation of the camera minimal enough that I was able to draw the assets with almost no distortion at all.

This is an abbreviated overview - for a detailed breakdown:

The video above is a walkthrough of the test level

Zachary d coe image

This pic shows what the art pieces look like when I'm just drawing and painting them in Photoshop before exporting for Unity

Zachary d coe image

To keep the illusion, once you find your camera angle never EVER change it